Our Approach

The essence of success in business, and ultimately the community, is governed by one guiding principle for us:  At our core is the understanding that solid relationships with our clients are critical and primary.  Without them, we have little more to offer than a means by which to process electronic payments.

Platinum Digital Solutions is committed to sewing and strengthening the fabric of our communities.   The fiber we use is the relationship we begin and build with you over a lifetime.  Our heart is in helping you to soar, contributing to the health of your business, and ultimately the community.  Making that difference is how we all grow and why we thrive.

Our Story

Platinum Digital Solutions was just a pipe dream until a conversation with a local business owner peaked interest on both sides.  The question.  why does it cost so much to process credit cards? A problem was presented to us and as we dove into payment processing we determined a gap was present.  Business owner really did not understand what they were paying to process debit and credit cards.  PDS was formed to help educate business owners and provide them with solutions that saved them money and also provided a personal feel.

Meet the Team

Customer Service is key to everything done at Platinum Digital Solutions.  Decisions are made with the clients in mind to ensure they continue to be the focal point of what we do.

Michael DeYoung


James Passa


Next Steps...

Contact us via email or phone to schedule a time that our team can meet with you and assess how we can help you save.